Accommodation for Indian Masterstudent urgently needed


Hi everyone,

this is Holger and I'm looking for an accommodation for a female indian Masterstudent (Biology). She will start her Master at the Biocampus in Martinsried in the second half of October. She can afford a rent of around 500 Euro.

She actually comes here with 9 others from Mumbai who will all do a Master here in Munich, 6 of them in Biology. the others in Physics.

So they can also share an appartment or a house, they are also ok with sharing a room in a house they all rent together, so if there are 5 to 7 rooms, a few of them could share a room to sleep. So if the whole rent would be 4500 € (more or less) they could afford it together, if everyone pays 500€.

For any questions, just ask me.

I'll be very happy to answer.

Best regards

Holger Lange

Rent per month (warm) 400 and 4600
Location of house? Munich and surroundings (Landkreis)
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