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DescriptionAnyone needs WG room shared with another 2 guys from the period of 14.12.2017 - 14-01.2017 in Pasing ?? PM
Rent per month (warm) : 400 euro
DescriptionHi, I am in the film industry and looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom flat in central Munich. My budget is 850€ warm. Would
Rent per month (warm) : 850€

Room for rent

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DescriptionA room for rent for the Month of December is available in the student dormitory, studentenstadt.
Rent per month (warm) : 260 Euros
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DescriptionHi all! I am going to do an internship in Munich and am looking for a room. Are you searching for a easy-going and frien
Rent per month (warm) : 700
DescriptionTrying my luck again. I am in a search of a room(flat sharing or wg) from the month of February 2018(for long term). I
Rent per month (warm) : 450
DescriptionI have a single room apartment I want to sublet from 9th of Dec until 2 Jan. location Kurt-Eisner-Str connected with U5
Rent per month (warm) : 650
DescriptionHey there! Trying my luck again. I am in a search of a room(flat sharing or wg) from the month of January(for long te
DescriptionGreetingsI am a doctoral student at TUM Physic's Department. 29 years old from Mexico. I am need of a place where to liv
Rent per month (warm) : Up to 600
DescriptionHey, i am Mohammad Hussain and i am working as a software developer in Munich. Currently, My wife and me are living in a
Rent per month (warm) : 440( kalt ) + 100(nebenkosten) = 540 euro

Apartment for rent

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Description Hi All, We would like to rent our 2-room fully furnished apartment for the duration 16.12.2017 - 09.01.2018 (2
Rent per month (warm) : 950 Euros for defined duration
DescriptionHi i'm Jessica and i'm working as Recepcionist. I'm searching for a little apartament in the 1-2 Ring of Munich of a max
Rent per month (warm) : Max 700
DescriptionOne room apartment available in Goetheplatz area (U3/U6)! From 1/12. Please contact the landlord through the ad! https
Rent per month (warm) : 920
DescriptionHi, me and my girlfriend are looking for a room / an apartment for short / long term from Nov. 19 on. I will start work
Rent per month (warm) : 1000 max
DescriptionHello Everyone! I’m an international student working near Garching b. Munich starting January 2018. I’m looking for a su
Rent per month (warm) : 500
DescriptionDear members, I hope this post finds you well. I am Issar, 25 years old, a student at the Technical University of
Rent per month (warm) : 550
DescriptionHello! My name is Raja, Ali Kareem. I am from Pakistan and 23 years old. This month I started my Master Study with
Rent per month (warm) : max 500 Euros Warm.
DescriptionHallo Zusammen, Ich untermiete mein studio wohnung bei olympiazentrum für 2 monate im zeitraum 01.11.17-31.01.18. Die i
Rent per month (warm) : 740 (mit alle kosten)
DescriptionHi, all. I am Doctor in Visual Arts and consultant in Internet of Things business development. I am searching for a stud
Rent per month (warm) : 700
DescriptionHello, I am a PhD student. Am coming to Munich to do part of my research work at LMU starting 1st November. I urgently
Rent per month (warm) : 550
DescriptionHello everybody! I'm looking for a furnished room or apartment in Munich for 600€ max. or a shared room of max 400€.
Rent per month (warm) : 700
DescriptionWe are renting a parking space in a duplex in Berg am Laim. If you are interested contact me.
Rent per month (warm) : 65
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DescriptionApartment is 72 sq mt and has 3 rooms. It is on the 7th floor of a 16 floors building. It is very well connected with pu
Rent per month (warm) : 1700
DescriptionUnabhängiges Studentenzimmer (26 qm) mit eigenem Bad und WC in München ab November Zugang zu Waschmaschine / Trockner, e
Rent per month (warm) : 370
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DescriptionHello people!!My name is Adrian, and I am an spanish who is going to München to work in Novermber in UniCredit Hypoverei
Rent per month (warm) : maximum 700€
DescriptionHi everyone, Im a master student at the TUM and currently looking for a room in Munich. It is really difficult and any
Rent per month (warm) : max 600
DescriptionHi! I will be moving to Munich in December to start my PhD in Helmholtz Centre Munich and I am looking for a room or a 1
Rent per month (warm) : 700
DescriptionHallo Everyone I am Santosh Deshmukh from India, I am currently pursuing my Masters in Finland. I have secured an Inter
Rent per month (warm) : 300 to 400 Euros
DescriptionHello guys, My name is Alex, 22 and half French half Italian, and I am coming in order to compete my Master degree in c
Rent per month (warm) : max 600
DescriptionI am searching for a room for myself and also for a friend of mine. In case, I can get one then I can pay anywhere from
Rent per month (warm) : 300-400 (for one person) or 700-800 (for 2 persons)
DescriptionHello Everyone, I would like to short term rent my room(flatshare type apartment) from November 17, 2017 to December 29
Rent per month (warm) : 650
DescriptionHi! I am spanish and 24 years old. I am looking for a room in a WG for at least 1 month in Munich. I have just finished
DescriptionI'm looking for a room or a apartment to rent either short or long-term. I've lived and worked in Munich for 9 years. Ve
Rent per month (warm) : 500

Rent house

DescriptionHi everyone im looking for a room near at the center and if its possible with not so many people enside and for a long t
Rent per month (warm) : 450-500
DescriptionHi everyone...im looking for a room near at the center..if its possible with not so many people enside 2 or 3 would be p