Sick Pay Insurance

Should you fall ill while in Germany, your employer will normally pay six weeks' full salary, after which the government scheme health insurer (Krankenkasse) pays a percentage of your income, (up to approximately 2,887 Euros per month) as statutory sick pay (Krankengeld) for up to a maximum of 78 weeks. After deduction of taxes you would be left with approximately 2,533 Euros.

If you are earning more than this per month, it would be worth considering the purchase of supplemental sick pay insurance, which is available at reasonable rates. This is particularly important if your monthly fixed living costs are higher than 2,533 Euros. If you purchase private medical insurance, you should also consider purchasing adequate sick pay insurance. Please note that neither sick pay insurance nor the government scheme covers permanent disability and it is assumed that you will be returning to full employment. You should therefore consider purchasing a separate policy for permanent disability and critical illness.

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