Cross-Border Care, Travel Insurance and Evacuation Benefits

The German public health insurance system will provide you with limited medical and dental cover for travel within the EU. Starting on October 25, 2013 the EU cross-border regulations came into effect. This change means that public patients can choose to have their medical care in any country in the EU, EEA state or Switzerland and receive a partial reimbursement from their local public insurance fund (i.e. Krankenkasse in Germany). As there are different procedures for hospital and out-patient services please contact your Krankenkasse before embarking on any cross-border medical or dental care. The contact number for the international liaison office: +49 (0)2289530-800.

A large percentage of foreign doctors will handle you only as a private patient. You will be reimbursed for the amount that the German system would have paid for the treatment - sometimes only a fraction of the actual cost you paid. If you wish to be covered for the full amount of any medical outlay or plan to travel to non-EU countries, you should definitely purchase a travel insurance policy. There are single trip and annual policies to choose from. The German government health system does not cover medical evacuation from any foreign countries. Please note that not all travel insurance policies cover evacuations, so always check the fine print before signing up.

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