Additional information for employees

You may choose private health insurance (Private Krankenversicherung or PKV) instead of the government health plan if your gross salary is higher than 54,900 Euros per year (2015 figures). Self-employed persons, German civil servants and those persons working part-time and earning less than 450 Euros per month are also eligible.

If you are presently in the German public scheme and earn more than 54,900 Euros per year, you can change to private health insurance with two months' notice because you are no longer a mandatory member of the German public scheme (GKV); you are allowed to either stay in the public system as a voluntary member or cancel your membership and arrange for a private health insurance.

If upon arrival in Germany you wish to be privately insured, you will need to inform your company's human resources department promptly to avoid possible confusion; otherwise, you may find yourself automatically registered in the government system.

If you purchase a private medical insurance plan from a German health insurance company that provides a certificate recognized by the German government (Paragraph 257 SGB V Arbeitgeberbescheinigung) you may take advantage of the same employer subsidies as a government plan member. This translates to approximately 301 Euros per month of employer subsidy towards the cost of your private health insurance policy and 50% of the premiums paid for your private nursing care insurance. If such certification is not provided, your employer has the option, but is under no obligation, to compensate you for part of the cost of your medical insurance. Most German employers now demand this certificate as proof that your insurance benefits meet the regulations.

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