Cycling: get your bike ready and go for a ride through Isar or outbounds of Munich. Here is the association that has all routes and maps around Munich:

If you are a master of cycling, plan a group trip to other cities.


Badminton: there is almost an every week meetup for playing badminton. You can create your own. Here is the place where you can go:


Basketball: you can play basketball outdoors  (here are the addresses: or indoors at different sport clubs.


Tennis: Olympiapark offers great facilities for tennis as well Englisher Garten (Tivoli)


Table tennis: this is the sport club which has table tennis training - You can also find public tables for tabletennis at Meillerweg (not far from Gasteig).


Volleyball: you can play beach volleyball here - http://www.beach or free facilities at Taufkirchen park.


Football: you can find great facilities to play football here -


Bowling: There are 3 main bowling places in Munich -


Golf:  Munich offers around 6 different golf clubs. Here is a great place to learn playing golf -


Swimming: Besides Olympiapark there are several nice locations to swim. Here is the link to all public swimming pools:


Go-karting:  you can arrange fun time with your friends here: and outdoor karting here:


Climbing: the biggest climbing facilities (indoor and outdoor) can be found here: www.kletterzentrum-­


Ice-skating:  invite your friends to enjoy ice-skating here:


Roller-blading: The areas along the Isar, the northern part of the English Gardens and the Olympia Park are particularly popular. There’s also a lovely circuit just outside the city at SchlossSchleiß-heim (S1 Oberschleißheim). More info:, www.inline-strecken-­,


Running: you can organize spontaneous jogging through the Englische garden or get involved with Club:


Sailing: courses and facilities you can find here:


Hiking: great ideas for hiking trip with friends can be found here: