Swimming lessons for beginners 1 (mixed,18.15)

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Hey guys,

Here is the deal:

_4 BEGINNERS swimming lessons. (one per week, starting on as indicated in the table below) . These are lessons for people who do not know how to swim (ie complete beginners).

_Lessons will be in English.

_Professional swimming teacher

_Includes entrance and all materials and teaching materials are provided (For hygienic reasons, swimming trunks and Bikini have to be bought by each person separately... They can be bought for less than 3 Euros. Goggles are not necessary and will not be provided).

_The swimming pool is an outside swimming pool that is heated to a constant 30 degrees, so you will not freeze, even if it may be raining outside.

_ Entrance to swimming pool included

_Location: Südliche Münchner Str. 35c, 82031 Grünwald (Please note that this one is different to the usual one Due to the pandemie we cannot enter the usual ones for the foreseeable future. It is easily accessible via tram)

And then you can come to any event by the lake and will not be the one standing on the side line...

Here are some photos from the previous courses (the teacher is bald guy)

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Event Properties

Event Start Date Saturday 08.08.2020 6:15 pm
Event End Date Saturday 08.08.2020 7:00 pm
Capacity 7
Cut off date Thursday 06.08.2020 11:55 pm
Individual Price €90,00
Organiser Tim Lavagi
Co host
Meeting point
Grünwald Hallenbad
Südliche Münchner Str. 35C, 82031 Grünwald, Germany
Grünwald Hallenbad
€90,00 1
Tim Lavagi shared a file
Hi guys,
The first lesson is fast approaching and we have to get the Corona induced formalities over with. Below is a document that contains the corona and hygiene rules that need to be followed during the course. Please print it out and SIGN it before coming to the course.

It is in German, so I have provided you with a translation of it here below (you may have to click on READ MORE to see it completely.)

Course name: Swimming course adults beginners
Course location: Swimming pool in Grünwalder Freizeitpark, outdoor pool
- Meeting point: At the outdoor pool - access is via Bathroom foyer / cash desk area
Course days: Saturday
Course time: 18:30 - 19:15
- Access time to the bathroom: 18:20

Rules of conduct and hygiene for participation in a swimming course in times of
Our daily lives are currently affected by the Corona virus. This includes visiting a swimming pool and taking a swimming course. Accordingly course participants and accompanying persons have to prepare themselves for pandemic risks and to behave accordingly. Personal responsibility and consideration for others is expected.
Accordingly, some special rules of conduct and hygiene must be observed and adhered to when participating in a course. Please take note of these in the following and confirm your understanding of them with your signature.
I hereby undertake to observe the rules of conduct and hygiene listed here for the above and thus actively contribute to minimizing the risk of infection with Covid19 for me and my fellow citizens.
- I only bring what is absolutely necessary for the course: Swimwear, towel, Bathing slippers, bathing cap (mandatory for long hair), cap for afterwards, possibly a sports bag, see below
- I will only come to the course if I am currently free of COVID 19 symptoms for 14 days, have had no contact with COVID 19 cases during this time and have no other unspecific general symptoms and respiratory symptoms of any severity. Should symptoms occur during the course, I will leave the bath immediately.
- I also observe the general official hygiene regulations in the bathroom: Distance rule (1.5 m); frequent, thorough hand washing or disinfection; coughing and sneezing hygiene; wearing a mouth-nose cover - exception: no mouth-nose cover needs to be worn during the course.
- I avoid physical contact, conversations immediately before and in the bathroom, as well as groups and the formation of small groups.
- I will come to the meeting point at the time indicated as precisely as possible, see above.
- On each day of the course, I have my name and address entered on the registration form Record attendance list.
- I thoroughly disinfect my hands at the hygiene station set up in the bathroom foyer.
- When I enter the bathing area, I wear the bathing shoes I have brought with me. I walk briskly to the changing room and the outdoor pool of the bath.
- The changing takes place in the released areas. I also keep the prescribed minimum distance when changing clothes. If at all possible, I put on the bathing clothes already at home.
- Clothes are to be left on approved areas, preferably on a (hand) towel I brought with me or in a sports bag.
- At the end of the course I dry myself, dress quickly and leave the bathroom immediately.
- Showers, especially at the end of the course, should be avoided. Please shower at home.
- The use of hair dryers in the bathroom is prohibited. I will bring a cap accordingly.
- Eating and drinking as well as any longer stay in the bathroom is prohibited. I act accordingly.
- Should there be a thunderstorm at the beginning or during the course, the course will be cancelled or aborted. If it rains, the course will take place.
In case of violation of the above mentioned rules the house rules will be applied consequently.
- I agree that personal data of me may be used for the purpose of contacting me in connection with a possible COVID-19 infection by the
swimming school can be used.
I also agree that these data will be stored or archived for the duration of the course in accordance with the legal regulations.
The data may also be passed on to the responsible health authority on request.
With my signature I confirm that I have read and comply with this regulation
FileCorona Contract Swimming lessons.pdf
Size503 KBs
Modified06/08/20 18:30:58
If anyone is wondering about the changed location, the usual courses are happening in the swimming pool of an old peoples home (Diakonie) and for obvious pandemic reasons, we are not going to be able to enter these for the foreseeable future...
Regarding the other usual ones, which are at different schools, the schools currently have also different troubles (ie they are not open, or trying to find concepts for opening again). I am pessismistic that we can get a place there for the foreseeable future.

I am presuming this will be our last course of the year...

Do you have any questions regarding this event?