Cross country skiing courses for beginners

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Want to enjoy the amazing snow-filled scenery in the near silence that comes from cross-country skiing? Want to learn something new?

Then come and learn how to cross-country ski! The courses are 4 hours long, 2 hours before lunch and 2 hours after lunch. You can rent the equipment for it directly here through the platform during the check-out.


Here is the deal:

_ We meet up at the time indicated in the table in front of Starbucks at Hauptbahnhof (platform 11).

_We will buy a BOB ticket together as a group.

_Arrive at Lenggries and walk to the ski school (Address will be communicated to everyone before the event)

_They will have the rentals ready (choose them below, they add 20 Euros to the cost)

_4 hours of courses

_Ski together for the rest of the day (if you are not too tired and there is still time)

_Leave back to Munich whenever you want to. You can decide this in your BOB-ticket group.


The course will be enough to get you starting cross-country skiing but for proper learning the technique, you normally have to go for another course (then you are proficient enough to master nearly all the slopes).

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Event Properties

Event Start Date Wednesday 29.01.2020 8:30 am
Event End Date Wednesday 29.01.2020 6:00 pm
Capacity 16
Cut off date Friday 24.01.2020 11:55 pm
Individual Price €69,00
Organiser Cross-Country courses
Co host
Meeting point
Starbucks at Hauptbahnhof (plattform 11)
Bayerstraße 10A, 80335 München, Germany
Starbucks at Hauptbahnhof (plattform 11)
€69,00 2
Ilaria and me have already registered! Whoo lets bring it on!
Whoop whoop, we got the go ahead for this weekend! So, see you at the station, I am coming as well. We are going to be doing the ski courses directly in Lenggries as the snow conditions have improved so much that we can do it there.
For those who are going directly there by car, please inform the group here and we meet you at Lightlines Cross Country Ski school, Bergbahnstraße 7, 83661 Lenggries at 10.30.
Regarding equipment, you do not need anything specialised (although I prefer to have my water tight skiing trousers) although the moto of the day is to dress up in layers that you can peel off like an onion. Wear your normal winter jacket, a hat, GLOVES (no need to be totally water tight), a scarf. You can still take too much off and leave it in a bag at the side.
Please remember to take packed lunch with you just in case!

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