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IFM goes Skydiving!

Hey guys, many of you have asked me to organise skydiving for IFM. I have managed to get a reduction of 10 Euros compared to normal price (if we go as a group).

The Flying Bones are situated near Tannheim and we will go sky diving with them. The jump will be from 4000 m height and last about 50 sec to 1 m in free fall (at around 200 kmh!) followed by 5 min at the parachute. The Flying Bones will give us the whole equipment (obviously) as well as an introduction into the whole thing. Apparently we will get some kind of certificate as well.

PLEASE NOTE: As Sky-diving is totally weather dependent, it could be canceled. I will re-schedule it then the next week (or the week after that). If you happen to be unable to make it to re-schedule, then you can have a voucher for diving alone.

PLEASE NOTE: Safety goes before anything so delays in jumping may be expected. The Flying Bones will try their most to have the least waiting time possible.

PHOTOS and VIDEOS: You need to buy them there! PLEASE BRING CASH! (85 Euros according to their website but do not quote me on that... Last year it was a different price...)

NB: If you weigh over 90 Kilos, you will have to pay a surcharge of 30 Euro as you will need extra-strength canopy (payable at the airport). If you weigh over 100 kg (fully clothed), you will not be able to fly.

Lets look forward to a fun filled event!

Date of Jump: In table

Meeting time: In table

Means to get there: By train. We will meet up in HBF at the trainstation and buy a Bayern ticket together. Cost: around 9 Euro for going there and coming back.

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Event Properties

Event Start Date Sunday 12.05.2019 8:45 am
Event End Date Sunday 12.05.2019 8:00 pm
Capacity 10
Cut off date Sunday 28.04.2019 11:55 pm
Individual Price €199,00
Organiser IFM Sky-diving
Meeting point
Starbucks at Hauptbahnhof (plattform 11)
80335 Munich, Germany
Starbucks at Hauptbahnhof (plattform 11)
€199,00 7
Hello! I have a few questions cuz I have some friends who would like to tag along. How many places are still left? Is it possible if someone has a car just drive there by themselves? Is it possible to someone who will not jump tag along?
thanks in advance
Here are some photos from my experience skydiving with IFM
Here is a video of one of our members jumping: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWb2oEb4bg0

Do you have any questions regarding this event?