Canyoning for (non-)swimmers


This trip is the easiest canyoning that can be done. No need for swimming necessary but you need to be capable to jump into water. The security vest will make you float without any problems (YOU HAVE TO TELL THE CANYONEERING GUY THAT YOU CANNOT SWIM AND INSIST THAT YOU NEED A SECURITY VEST!)

Here is the description of the event:

_Take a train to Peissenberg (about 1 hour, not included in cost, will be a simple Bayern ticket)

_Equipment handing out and first introduction by certified mountaineer (included in price, wet suit + wet socks will be provided, all you need is bathing suit/swim wear and a pair of shoes that can get wet).

_ Shuttle to canyon (about 1 hour of trip. included in price)

_Canyoning expedition (about 3 to 4 hours, included in price)

_Shuttle back to Peissenberg (again about 1 hour, included in price)

_Train back to Munich (about 1 hour, not included in price but you can use the Bayern ticket that you bought on the way there)

Come on, lets try it!

Click on the pictures and the video to see what it was like the last time we went:

Event Properties

Event Start Date Sunday 24.06.2018 9:00 am
Event End Date Sunday 24.06.2018 7:00 pm
Capacity 12
Cut off date Saturday 16.06.2018 11:55 pm
Original Price €86,00
Discounted Price €76,00(Until Sunday 03.06.2018)
Organiser IFM Canyoning and Kayaking
Meeting point
€86,00 12
I just booked a place! Who else is coming?
Canyoning is the best event. I highly recommend it.