Euro Youth Hotel ()

(Senefelder Str. 5, 80336 München)

This bar is a cozy one located right in the center of Munich next to the Hauptbahnhof. It is in a hostel so the drinks are incredibly cheap (actually the cheapest in Munich). It shows most champions league games and all major sports. It is absolutely awesome for starting the night (or ending prematurely…) and then moving onto some other bars. If it is too full, they are refusing entry. If they have events on it is usually rammed.

Jaegers Hostel ()

(Senefelder Str. 3, 80336 München)

Smaller bar located in the center of Munich next to Hauptbahnhof and Euro Youth Hotel. It is not that great as the décor is a bit simple. The music and the atmosphere can be a daunting as well but it is a good bar if it is full and especially it is as cheap as the Euro Youth Hotel located next door. All in all, it is still a bar to go.

Hookah Bar (€€)

(Leopold Str. 13, 80802 München)

First of: Hookah is the german word for shisha… It is a smaller bar that is located underneath the bigger restaurant Tijuana. It is pretty good for chilling out with a shisha. A bit smokey but OK. During the IFM parties, it has a dancefloor at the bottom. The drinks are a bit pricey. The massive advantage it has is that it is located near the Münchner Freiheit, where there are loads of other pubs/bars and clubs. During summer, it is really nice since it has outside sitting area.

The Keg (€€, SPORTS Bar)

(Trautenwolfstr. 1, 80802 München)

This underground bar between Giselastrasse and Münchner Freiheit is a total sports bar. We have a deal with them that they will try to show any sport that we want (as long as there are sufficient people wanting to watch it). You just have to give them a shout and they will arrange it. Contact them over their FB page via PM:

Tijuana (€€)

(Leopold Str. 13, 80802 München)

Mexican restaurant and bar. It serves really quite good food and good cocktails. The downfall, at least from a bar point of view, is that it only has very limited standing tables or rooms. If you come here with a  group, it can be quite fun. It is horrible though for getting to know new peeps.

Café Cord (€€)

A bar right at the center. It is quite nice, with a good selection of drinks. It does not have any features that are really standing out apart from that it has two floors and that it has a smaller bar that is usually a bit more bouncing. During summer, it has quite a big outside sitting area.

Kennedy’s (€€)

(Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 11, 80336 München)

A big Irish pub located right at the Sendlinger Tor, it is one of those bars that is nearly always crowded, to a good part with internationals. It is decorated rather in the cosy style, a feat that it pulls off somewhat considering that it is huge. It also has outside sitting. It shows pretty much all bigger games in the Bundesliga, Championsleague or Premierleague (you can check on their website which game they are showing). The food they serve is pub-style and the portions are enough to feed a bear. Please be aware that it is packed during big games or if they have a live band.

Shamrock (€€)

(Trautenwolfstraße 6, 80802 München)

As the name says, it is an Irish Pub. It is very small, underground and can be quite fun especially during the karaoke nights. It is a nice way to pass the time and it is situated near Münchner Freiheit with its bars and clubs.

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