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2 Countries, 1 day
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This is the website of the International Friends community of Munich. We are a community of internationals that are here for a longer term in Munich and who like to make something of their time here in Munich. We organise events where we meet up and make friends. 

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IFM Camping to Königssee


Königssee with its crystal-clear emerald waters and amazing surrounds is one of the best sights in whole of Germany (and trust me, I travel a lot...). This will be a camping weekend of its finest (for those worrying about camping etc..., there is warm water showers, normal toilets, WIFI etc...)!

The plan is:

Meet up at Hauptbahnhof at Starbucks at 8.20 on the 25th of July

Arrival at the camping place at 12.21 and building up of the tents.

Going down to the lake and having a swim/whatever.

Grilling at the camps own grilling place.

Going out for a drink and then turning in.

Packing up of tents and leaving them (and whatever else we want) at the camping site.

Travel with boat across the lake to the landmark of St Bartholome. Ticket to St Salet is included in price but everyone can decide for themselves if they want to go.

Travel back at 17.34 (planned), arrival back here at 21.15

_Included in price: travel there, camping space at camping place, boat tour, travel back.

Participants: 16 people.

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 Link to Facebook event