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On Tuesday 17.11.2020 7:00 pm

Welcome To IFM!

This is the website of the International Friends community of Munich. We are a community of internationals that are here for a longer term in Munich and who like to make something of their time here in Munich. We organise events where we meet up and make friends. 

Anybody is welcome in this community, obviously with the exception of trolls and spammers. Just join us in one of the many events organised by the members of the community!

In order to be able to fully utilise the website, you will need to sign up to the website (you will then automatically get a listing every week of the upcoming events), however a lot of the functionalities of the website are also accessible without signing up.

Let's have fun together!

How to travel on 20 dollars a day!


The travel guide that will make you discover the real world!


First off three small notes:

1: You cannot achieve this kind of ultra low budget in Europe or America. You have to go to develloping countries HOWEVER these are usually a lot more authentic than developed countries. And yes, even for those coming from a developing country, you will get loads more out of your travel in other developing countries than you will get out of travelling in developped countries. The cultures there are richer and better preserved than in the developed world where everything is very westernized.

2: The 20 dollars per day do not include the intercontinental flight (but everything else bar one advanced dive course and the cruise on the Galapagos after having stayed for 2 weeks on the Galapagos for 20 dollars a day) . My dad had a couple of million airmiles and I travelled on these. If I didn't have these, I would have taken only one intercontinental flight for the whole 14 months and then done everything by bus/train/car.

3: You have to decide for yourself what kind of trip you want to have. In the trip of this travel blog, I had 14 months. You will have to weigh if you want to go travelling only for a short holiday, in which case you will have to increase your budget, or if you are travelling longer time (1 month or above), in which case you can follow the tips given in this blog and have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE! 

Secondly: I have written this blog with a lot of prices included etc... It is intended as a travel guide. The tips are strewn throughout the blog. I will also put them up in a link here on right [to come]. 

Click on any of the countries to get to the travel blog: