Upcoming events

Eating Asian
On Saturday 17.11.2018 1:00 pm

Baltic Cruise: Finland, Russia,....
On Saturday 17.11.2018 1:30 pm

German Conversation Club
On Monday 19.11.2018 7:00 pm

International Weekly Round....
On Wednesday 21.11.2018 7:00 pm

Amsterdam Light Festival and....
On Friday 30.11.2018 7:10 pm

Salsa Beginners lessons -....
On Tuesday 04.12.2018 8:00 pm

Bachata Beginners lessons....
On Tuesday 04.12.2018 9:00 pm

Belgium’s Christmas Markets:....
On Friday 07.12.2018 6:00 pm

Zagreb (Croatia): Europe's....
On Saturday 15.12.2018 2:30 am

Magical Christmas in....
On Saturday 22.12.2018 12:30 am

Zurich & Rhine Falls
On Saturday 22.12.2018 7:30 am

WOMEN ONLY - Swimming lessons....
On Monday 14.01.2019 7:15 pm

Pearls of Austria in winter:....
On Saturday 26.01.2019 7:30 am

Northern Lights Discovery
On Wednesday 30.01.2019 10:00 am

Welcome To IFM!

This is the website of the International Friends community of Munich. We are a community of internationals that are here for a longer term in Munich and who like to make something of their time here in Munich. We organise events where we meet up and make friends. 

Anybody is welcome in this community, obviously with the exception of trolls and spammers. Just join us in one of the many events organised by the members of the community!

In order to be able to fully utilise the website, you will need to sign up to the website (you will then automatically get a listing every week of the upcoming events), however a lot of the functionalities of the website are also accessible without signing up.

Let's have fun together!

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 1  This part shows the newest topics on the different forums of the website. You can click on any of the topics and will be taken straight there. It is a ticker so it will show the last 100 topics... 

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